The GREAT Break Shot Company

NOTE; We do NOT warranty models purchased second hand !

About US

... The BreakRAK was designed & patented by Charley Bond in 2002. The BreakRAK will make you a very good practice tool.

... the GREAT Break Shot Company sells Break Shots (some assembly required), with Cue Ball CONTROL & ACCURACY, through REPETITION... We also have the NEW BreakSpeed Radar unit, Cues, Break Cues, Shirts, Caps, Books, Video Analysis & Instruction.

With The BreakRAK, you can achieve accuracy & speed through development of your rhythm & coordination. Our top-notch training products, for the World of Pocket Billiards, along with great customer support, is a good combination!

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, the BreakRAK has established a good business relationship with our customers, that will last many years!

Call the BreakRAK boys at (918) 543-6600(918) 637-1056 today!

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