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These testimonies are from well known Instructors


"Finally, the "genius" of improving a player's Break Shot comes to life in this unique product. The BreakRAK reveals the subtle and sometimes major glitches in the most critical stroke in Pool. I firmly believe a few minutes spent with the BreakRAK, will elevate any person's Break Shot to another level and beyond. I highly recommend it as the "perfect" training tool for Break Shot practice, as it creates a "caddy" assistant. The BreakRAK is consistent in response and allows for adjustment in a fluent and rhythmic motion."

Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman

Doctor of Billiardology
Professional Instructor
World Masters Champion


"Every once in a while a truly innovative invention comes along. The BreakRAK addresses an annoying problem which has plagued most Pool Players for many years. Speed of stroke and accuracy in the game of Pool seem to be "inversely proportional". In other words, the harder you hit the cue ball, the less accurate your shot will be. The "Break Shot" is an extremely important aspect of the game and requires a great deal of practice to improve one's power and accuracy. Unfortunately it is often disregarded, due to the monotony and time required to reassemble the balls after each stroke. The BreakRAK assembly absorbs shock, much the same as a normal rack of balls. Paying careful attention to the reaction of the cue ball after impact, can be an excellent indicator when evaluating your delivery. I have found this to be an invaluable time saving tool, which has been successfully incorporated into the classroom. I can demonstrate the breaking technique at least a dozen times in the same period it would take to re-rack the balls once.

Thank you BreakRAK for a wonderful product."

Fred Raper
Certified BCA Instructor


"For the first time, a player can seriously practice the Break Shot. In the time it would take a player to rack and break 20 racks, he can have hit 200 Break Shots using Charley Bond's BreakRAK. I have never endorsed something that does not work, nor have I ever taken money for an endorsement. If you are serious about 9-ball, the BreakRAK is an indispensable tool."

Bert Kinister

Professional Instructor


"I just opened the BreakRAK and began to test it. I Love it. This is absolutely the best tool to develop a Break Shot, which will have perfect control. The "energy in-energy out" equation, that we teach (stop shot), is a must on the Break Shot. This is by far the fastest tool to create such perfection. I am currently filming the new Video Series, which will be out by Christmas. I will use the BreakRAK, with my endorsement, in the Video Series."

Tim White-Australian Oyster - International MASTER Instructor
Billiard Sanctuary, Academy of the Cueing Arts


"The BreakRAK is a huge help in our Cue-Tech Pool School. Coupled with our Break Shot instructions, the BreakRAK does wonders for our students."

Randy Goettlicher
BCA Master Instructor @ CUE-TECH


I want to add an unsolicited endorsement for the BreakRAK. I recently purchased one of these from Charley Bond and it works exactly as advertised. It is not only great for repetitive break practice, but it also takes all of the other variables out of the equation, such as balls pocketed and interfering balls altering the cue balls path.

With the BreakRAK, you can quickly develop pinpoint cue ball placement at varying break speeds. No gathering balls & no racking. The BreakRAK is not designed to help ball pocketing on the break, but if you want to perfect your Break Short accuracy, rhythm & cue ball position on Break Shots, this is the tool to use. For instructors, this is an especially valuable tool, it lets you spend your time with the student, not at the foot of the table racking balls.

Furthermore, I cannot speak highly enough of the customer service afforded by Mr. Charley Bond. When I called to purchase, I needed the product in a hurry, to work with a student who was traveling a long distance. Charley did not have a BreakRAK in stock, but he went "above and beyond" to assemble one and ship it overnight.

I am impressed with both the product and the service, and recommend the BreakRAK to anyone who is interested in improving their break.

Joe Hardesty
Certified BCA Instructor


The BreakRAK is a great tool to help improve your breaking ability in 8-ball and 9-ball.  Since using it, my control of the cue ball has increased and my pocketing of balls on the break has also increased.  I now use the BreakRAK in my lessons with students and they think it will help them as well.  I am able to spend 10-15 minutes in breaking practice with them, instead of 45-60 minutes without the BreakRAK.  I recommend anyone to try this tool and watch your breaking improve after only one use.

Jim "Coach" Barnard
recognized BCA Instructor
San Diego, Ca
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