Harnessing the POWER of the Break Shot

In Pocket Billiards, casual players and some high level players think of the break shot, simply as a “way to start the game”. But, when highly skilled players started stringing RACKS together, other players noticed their ability to deliver a great break shot. It was soon understood that being capable of delivering a good break shot, is a definite “advantage” over the opponent, that does not have break shot accuracy or cue ball control, after impact with the rack of balls.

The ability to pocket the head ball, a wing ball or maybe some other balls on the break, and obtain good table position for the cue ball, after impact with the rack, is real skill. Stroking the break shot and controlling the cue ball’s position, towards the center of the table after impact, gives the player better odds on position (or shape) for the next shot. But, there is still a consistent refusal among players to practice this shot. They also refuse to practice most Pocket Billiard shots in a repetitive manner, because they just want to play.

The NATURALS don’t have a problem with not playing daily, to keep their skills in focus. Naturals are just that and playing the game of pool comes easy to them. Naturals are about 20 thousand in number around the globe. If there are really 40 million players, the percentage of naturals is 0.005 percent. But, even naturals need to practice the break shot, because the action of the break stroke is completely different from the shooting stroke and MUSCLE MEMORY must be learned through repetition.

Some folks will say, making the “game winning ball” is the most important shot in the game. While I can understand the meaning of that statement, I also know that making the shots prior to that event were extremely important too. Once a player has reached the level of a 5 or 6 Speed (low B) and above, the break shot becomes extremely important, because of what can be done by controlling the cue ball “On the Snap”. The break shot is so very important in the game of Pocket Billiards, because it sets the stage for things to come.

A great break shot can give you an opportunity to run racks, when opportunities present themselves. Highly skilled amateurs & pros run the table, from good break shots and occasionally string racks together. As you grow in skill, in the game of Pocket Billiards, you will start thinking of yourself as a player that can run several racks. A great break shot is one of the necessary elements for this level of skill, playing well is the other element.

There are many ways to win the game. There are many more ways to lose the game. Having the ability to Control the cue ball, in your offense mode, is a proven method of getting to the winner’s circle. Learning a good break shot is about learning cue ball control too.

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