The GREAT Break Shot Company

NOTE; We do NOT warranty models purchased second hand !

Every game starts with the Break Shot . 

Our NEW training aid, "The BreakRAK", provides REAL-LIFE break shot action of the cue ball. "The BreakRAK" will assist you in developing a POWERFUL & STABLE opening break shot, through repetition, for Pocket Billiard games of  8-Ball, 10-Ball, 9-ball, 7-ball, 6-ball, 3-ball & Rotation. 

     1. You can learn to incorporate good skills into your address, your bridge placement, your grip placement, cue tip placement, your tempo and follow through. And you can do it quickly, because you won't be racking balls.

     2.You can learn the basic skills of the break shot, all across the head string. This practice, will assist you in finding the "sweet spot" of the rack in front of you. If you don't practice breaking from different spots all across the table, you are missing the chance to be comfortable anywhere you need to be breaking from, to make balls.


     No longer will your practice of the break shot be drudgery or unfulfilling. You can easily set up "The BreakRAK", in less than a minute. Now.... you can methodically eliminate those variables in your stroke, which rob you of "Cue Ball Control", on the Break Shot. 


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